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1 year VFX Compositing Diploma at
Steve Wright is a Master VFX Compositing Trainer as well as a Foundry Certified Nuke Trainer
Steve Wright's's mission statement

Master VFX Compositing and Foundry Certified Nuke® Trainer, Steve Wright, delivers visual effects compositing, Nuke, Ocula, Mocha, 3D Conversion and Shake training for artists in the VFX industry around the world. With curricula developed by this senior visual effects artist with over 20 years of production experience and excellent teaching skills, these programs are designed to be very accessible and cost effective. Steve not only teaches individuals in classroom settings and online, but he also travels to VFX facilities around the world to train the staff in skills & compositing techniques gleaned from those years of production experience as well as to improve the facility's 2D/3D production pipeline productivity.

Update your skill set to Nuke, the academy award winning feature film compositing system developed by Digital Domain and now supported by The Foundry. Nuke's superior integration with the 3D production pipeline makes it the program of choice for VFX studios that want to modernize their compositing. Steve creates a training program unique to each facility's needs.

Steve travels to VFX facilities around the world to provide stereo 3D conversion training tailored to the needs of their staff. Mocha rotoscoping techniques that increase accuracy and productivity plus Nuke compositing techniques for stereo workflow, including keying and the creation of clean plates, are core skills for this exciting new industry.

Steve travels to VFX facilities around the world to provide Mocha rotoscope training tailored to the needs of their staff. A firm grounding in Mocha's planar tracker plus proper rotoscoping techniques will improve the output and quality of your rotoscoping artists. You can see Steve's Mocha tutorials on Imagineer's website.

Steve travels to VFX facilities around the world to provide VFX Compositing training for their staff. This is skills training in the technique and art of feature film VFX compositing for bluescreen and 3D composting. With 20 years of production experience compositing feature film FX, this training is grounded in the real world of production and will increase your artists productivity, technical and artistic skills.

Learn Shake , Nuke or Mocha at your own pace with 20+ year VFX veteran Steve Wright as your instructor on The Shake 4.1 training has 13.25 hours to get you up to speed on node based compositing. If you want a serious VFX job in this industry, you must understand node based compositing! Already node savvy, then learn Nuke5 with 10 hours of instruction or the new features of Nuke6 today!

These eight-week workshops are done at your own pace and offer personal one-on-one training for Nuke or Shake. Steve will review each of your project assignments with you personally to offer suggestions, tips, techniques, and answer any questions you have using remote screen-sharing technology. It's like having Steve sitting right next to you as your personal VFX Supervisor!

Periodically, Steve conducts training classes and workshops in various locations in the US and around the world. Some are week-long workshops and others are 2 or 3-day weekend classes with project media you can add to your demo reel. Come learn from the guru who wrote the book that has become the industry standard for compositors and increase your job potential!

To get a job an any VFX studio you have to show them your demo reel with a breakdown of your work. These programs provide project media with a finished shot video so you can build the shot yourself and put it on your demo reel. Included are tips on how to present your demo reel and shot breakdowns.

Steve has authored two best selling books on the subject of compositing visual effects in addition to his other training products. Be sure to check out the 80 FREE production exercises that work with "Digital Compositing for Film and Video" 3rd edition which you can access from our store just by creating a log in account!


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AnibrainSteve is conducting remote compositing training for the senior staff of Anibrain in Pune, India.
Anibrain Team Leaders present Steve with extremely difficult production shots from their recent productions; Steve works up the solutions offline and then in a remote training session he reveals the solution and teaches the Team Leads how to use these advanced keying techniques.


Established in 2010, The Kodak Educational Award, sponsored by Eastman Kodak Company, honors the recipient by recognizing outstanding contributions in new or unique educational programs. This award recognizes an individual who advances the educational process at any level through innovative and inspirational methods.

"I am very honored to have won the SMPTE Kodak Educational Award and to be recognized by SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) who are the innovative scientists and engineers who set the world standards for film and television."

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  • 2nd edition of "Compositing Visual Effects" is now available at! New material on 3D compositing, stereo compositing, planar tracking, digital capture and more!! Order your copy today!
  • July 25-28 - Attending SIGGRAPH in Anaheim, CA.
  • July 31 - Steve will be a speaker at the Classic Gaming Fest in Austin, TX.
  • October 1 - Release of Master VFX Course: Keying on Follow Steve on to be notified when it is released.
  • Oct 17 - Nov 21 - Steve is teaching Advanced Compositing Techniques via remote distance learning to Anibrain in Pune, India.
  • June 2017 - Steve will be a speaker at the NAB Show Shanghai in China.